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Instructional designers collaborate with faculty on the use, development, and evaluation of a wide range of teaching and learning technologies. We are available to assist in the design of assignments, projects, or courses that involve digital tools and spaces. You may have an idea for a project or assignment that uses story mapping, timelines, podcasts, video, infographics, social media, or you would like to develop an online course space. Set up a consult. We look forward to discussing how to explore hybrid modalities in ways that meaningfully add to students’ learning experiences.

Sundi Richard
Lead Instructional Designer
Sundi is responsible for creating and leading an innovative and supportive environment to promote student and faculty digital dexterity and advance the integration of new and emerging technologies in teaching, learning, and scholarship at Davidson College. Interested in empowering students to be active citizens in their online and offline worlds, Sundi works to explore digital identity, networking, and online interaction. She is part of an ongoing conversation in higher education about digital citizenship #digciz.
Brian Little
Instructional Designer, Maker Education
Brian manages Studio M, our campus makerspace, and works with faculty to help them integrate making and project-oriented learning into their work. He manages a staff of nine student makers, and spends a fair amount of time keeping up with the latest maker technologies. His major project at the moment is creating a Master Maker curriculum for students. Outside the office, he listens to copious quantities of jazz, watches his daughter play football, and builds enormous Lego projects.
Daniel Lynds
Instructional Designer, Quantitative Applications
Daniel collaborates with people on making their work as impactful and open as possible. His interests and work revolves around digital storytelling, social network analysis, open education, and cultural theory. Having lived and worked in higher education in six different countries, he brings a varied approach and view to projects.
Annie Sadler
Digital Learning Fellow
Annie Sadler is responsible for the operations of all DavidsonX, Davidson Next, and Davidson Now courses. She loves the outdoors and working with grassroots movements.