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Welcome to Davidson!

This site is intended to provide information you need about digital learning at Davidson College in a single, easily-accessible location. Should you have questions not covered here, we are also available to meet with you individually, by appointment.

Meet the Team

We’re the instructional design team. We provide course and research related support to all faculty. You to contact any of us at any time. If you are not sure about who you should contact, just email with your request, and we will get back to you.

General Notes

  • Visit to access our knowledge base of articles on a variety of technical topics.
  • You can always start with the User Success Team for any technology question, and the case will be assigned to the right person for follow-up ( or ext 2900).
  • For questions about your office computer and phone, labs, classrooms, or any general Technology & Innovation services not specific to courses and research, please contact the User Success Team.

Technologies for Instruction and Research

Alongside our standard suite of lab and classroom software, Davidson provides access to a number of robust, large-scale, collaborative software packages and services for use in instruction and research.

Davidson Domains

A part of the Domain of One’s Own initiative, students and faculty are given a domain space where they can manage their own webspaces. You can create and deploy digital spaces for things like class websites, your own professional or personal website, subdomains for additional topic-specific sites (with hundreds of possible web applications), your own server environment for custom-coded web applications, your own email addresses, and web-accessible databases. We provide support for popular applications like WordPress and Omeka, and offer guidance for others such as Drupal and Scalar. Contact us to learn more about this service.


Our supported learning management system. You should be automatically enrolled in Moodle 101. There is also self-paced online instruction available via Use your Davidson username and password to log in. For those who prefer one-on-one help, we offer personal workshops with our professional staff. Please contact the user success team at to request an appointment.

Qualtrics Research Suite

The gold-standard survey tool for academic research. Davidson provides access to the full suite of self-service tools and support. Register using your Davidson account. (Be sure to register your account as an instructor, rather than a student.) Qualtrics provides help via online instruction, or by phone at 1-800-340-9194.


Helps you easily implement a flipped class model, and we encourage you to try it. Echo360 comes with a “Personal Capture” application for your office or home computer, which helps you easily create screencast recordings for your students. These videos can be used for flipping content, supplemental reviews, student-generated presentations, and end of course exam reviews. It’s super easy to use. In addition, Echo360 offers LectureTools to enable polling, back channel questions, and peer-to-peer instruction in class. The combination of video and Lecture Tools provides you with excellent analytics to gauge where individual students are at any point during the semester. Your instructional designer can help you set everything up, and get you up to speed in a very short time.

Provides access to more than 2700 instructional videos for all faculty, staff, and students. Topics range from specific software packages and technologies, to creative and business skills. Students can use lynda as a supplemental resource for technology skills individual interests. Faculty can incorporate lynda content into their courses in a flipped model, or as supplemental resources for remediation and differentiated learning. We’re happy to share examples relevant to your pedagogical goals, and encourage you to contact us for a conversation. To use our Lynda service, register with your Davidson account.

Google Drive and Dropbox

Easily share course material, or encourage students to collaborate with these tools in and outside of class. Use your Davidson credentials to sign in to either of these collaborative online tools.

Current Pilots

We are conducting pilots of the following software: Inscribe (, Poll Every-where (, and Warpwire (warpwire. com). If you are interested in participating in these pilots, please contact us at

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