What Is It?

The Echo360 Active Learning Platform is a service that integrates personal and classroom video capture, student engagement tools, and analytic tools to maximize student participation and engagement for both campus-based and online courses.

How do we use it?

We currently have two units deployed in two locations Chambers B27 Wall 106. It has also been used for capturing self recorded student response. The Principles of Oral Communication (Com101) utilizes it to capture classroom speeches allowing peer and instructor review. Biology uses the screen capture feature to record notes presented on the screen in conjunction with the lecture for students to review.

Creating an Ad Hoc Capture

Do either 1 or 2

  • Press “Start Capture” button on echo360.org. For more information, visit here.
  • Manual functionality is setup through a Crestron touch panel.
  • Select DVR to access the Echo360 device.
  • From here you can start, stop and pause a recording.
  • Pre-scheduled recording is the primary function that instructors use. This is administered through the Instructional Design team. Class recording scheduling must made by ID team. This can be done by importing a CSV file or manually adding a recording into the backend.
  • For more information on scheduling visit: https://support.echo360.com/customer/portal/articles/2878408?b_id=16609&t=790020

General troubleshooting

  • Make sure the camera is pointed towards the lectern. There have been many instances where the camera has been moved.
  • When pausing a recording. You must pause and unpause with the “Pause Recording” button. If you hit “Start Recording” while in pause, the recording will remain paused and time out.